SpringBless Multi-Functional Pad

  • SKIN FRIENDLY- Good to Prevent Liquid and Keep your Baby, Kids or Elderly Comfortable
  • SPECIAL 5 LAYERS- Excellent Waterproof Mattress Pads, Keeps Sheets Dry All Night Protection, Size: M 90 x 150cm (35.4″ x 59″in)
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL- Bedwetting, Elderly Urinary Incontinence, Picnic, Pregnancy, Periods, Bed Protector Sheet
  • WASHABLE- Easy to Wash, Clean, Machine Wash on Cool and Air Dried
  • HIGH TECHNICAL-Fully Waterproof Washable & Reusable & Durable & Highly Hygienic

Why we are different?

  • Higher Technology, more comfortable
  • More Layers, Better water absorption and Storage
  • Better Breathable Fabric, Better Skin care for the elderly and children
  • Easier to Wash, Faster dry for all seasons
  • Higher Water Capacity
  • Anti-Slip Stability
  • Better Price
  • Size: S 70x90cm (27.6x35.4 in), M 90x150cm (35.4x59 in)
  • Made in Taiwan

Special 5 Layers excellent waterproof mattress pads

  • First Layer: Polyester for Breather Fabric
  • Second Layer: TPU for Water Absorption and Storage
  • Thrid Layer: Sandex Exceptional Elasticity
  • Fouth Layer: TPU for Water Absorption and Storage
  • Fifth Layer: Fleece for Breathable and Improving Proprioception and Sensory Integration