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Optimal Post-SurgerySkin Care


Shield Essence High Performance Activator

Provide a complete and efficient post-operative skin care. Effective Soothing Speed up metabolism. Promote skin regeneration  Help the formation of  connective tissue




EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a growth factor that stimulates cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation by binding to its receptor EGFR. EGF results in cellular proliferation, differentiation, and survival.

EGF acts by binding with high affinity toepidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) on the cell surface and stimulating the intrinsic protein-tyrosine kinase activity of the receptor. Thetyrosine kinase activity, in turn, initiates asignal transduction cascade that results in a variety of biochemical changes within the cell – a rise in intracellular calcium levels, increased glycolysis and protein synthesis, and increases in the expression of certaingenes including the gene for EGFR – that ultimately lead to DNA synthesis and cell proliferation.



Bamboo ,hoot EGF,AC-Dennpeptide Lifting, Elutln,Myosln, Collagen



• Clean your face
• Put a small amount on your
• finger



For external use only. Discontinueuse and consult a doctcr If severe irritation occurs.



Protect from sunlight Store In a coal
place, run out as soon as pailible
after opening.


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